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1Posted by Vuka on 2009-10-21 16:57:23
Julle is dare vol van julself
2Posted by Thandile on 2009-10-22 07:56:57
Wie laaste lag, lag die lekkerste. Ek sal nie trots wees op my span as hulle so gesukkel het om die WP te wen nie.
3Posted by dirty johny on 2009-10-22 08:50:13
Ek wonder of as julle WEER die cup verloor of jul trane ook blou gaan wees?
4Posted by North_Boy1 on 2009-10-22 09:56:41
Het julle assholes die S14 final gekyk? Hier kom 'n herhaling.
5Posted by Vuka on 2009-10-23 08:37:33
North jy is seker n blou bul verloorder
6Posted by dirty johny on 2009-10-26 14:51:23
Die enigste ASSHOLES is daai met die blou truie sat op loftus sonner die CUP!!!!!
7Posted by Vuka on 2009-10-26 15:19:28
ek laaaik vir dirty johny hulle is die assholes


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Submitted: 4 years ago
Contributed: EoE
Tags: rugby   eoe   currie  
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