The Most Epic Twerk Fail Of All Time
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7 months ago by zero
Tagged with: youtube   twerk   fail   epic  
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Get your beer over the air ... OppiKoppi beer drone
Posted in Videos
8 months ago by hexy
Tagged with: youtube   over   oppikoppi   drone   beer   air  
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Rapping about the (mother)hood....
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9 months ago by zero
Tagged with: youtube   rapping   mother   mom   hood   ads  
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The future of pizza delivery ...
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10 months ago by zero
Tagged with: youtube   tech   pizza   future   delivery  
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Cyclist vs (un)diplomatic security personnel in Pretoria - Roper Street.
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11 months ago by zero
Tagged with: youtube   street   security   roper   pretoria   personnel   local   diplomatic   cyclist  
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